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    Hi, I’m Jennifer Spreckley, wife, mother of three and creator of the Mummy Honey breastfeeding shirt. The breastfeeding shirt was designed after an uncomfortable dinner party with my first child at six weeks old needing to be breastfed and a number of childless couples and dads not knowing where to look as I breastfed her (she was covered by a wrap as well).

    After that evening I looked at available nursingwear trying to find the perfect top for me, one that did not look like a breastfeeding or maternity top so it could still be worn long after I had finished breastfeeding and having babies. It needed structure and fit but it couldn’t be tight around the stomach as the post partum tummy was not as pretty in the stretch tops as the rounded pregnant tummy. It needed to be a top that could go from casual to work to formal just with a little accessorising and it needed to be made in a lightweight breathable soft material to allow all year long wearing and comfort to both me and my baby. I couldn’t find anything that ticked all the boxes so I set about designing the perfect shirt for me and that is how the Mummy Honey breastfeeding shirt came about.

    I love the fact that this shirt will give more women the confidence to breastfeed their children in public and as a result I hope we will start to see more mothers proudly feeding their children wherever and whenever they need to.