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    After an extensive search to find the right fabric for the breastfeeding and maternity shirts we finally found a Bamboo/Cotton mix fabric, which was cashmere soft to the touch, light in weight so it could be worn all year round and strong enough to allow for zippers to be used, it’s a great fabric. Not only does it have the features that we wanted it also has all the wonderful properties that environmentally friendly Bamboo fibre brings to the fabric such as:

    • Non allergenic
    • Naturally antibacterial
    • Anti static
    • 98% UV protection
    • Creases and wrinkles shake out after washing
    • No pesticides used
    • Bio degradable

    Care guidance:

    We recommend washing your breastfeeding and maternity shirts inside out on a hand wash or gentle wash cycle on your machine. Then either laying flat to dry or hanging on a coat hanger to dry, this should eliminate the need to iron the shirt. Always dry out of direct sunlight. If you wish to iron the shirts, iron inside out and under the zipper tape with a warm iron. The shirts are also dry cleanable.
    Avoid soaking, bleaching or wringing the shirts.